B600 Series

The new 80V 4-wheel AC electric forklift B600 range achieves the highest levels of workplace productivity, with six models offering load capacity from the 2 tonnes of the new compact B620 model to the high capacity 3.5 tonnes. The range also includes 2.5 and 3.0 tonne forklifts in the high battery capacity L version for extended working operations.

The B600 range is designed to handle multi-shift operations with ease, with its optional side battery transfer making it ideal for high intensity operations, particularly in the logistics, distribution.

Optional extra protection of the motors ensures that the B600 electric range can work outdoors as well as indoors, with minimal risk of water damage, making it a powerful alternative to diesel and LPG options.

The B600 also features IMD mast technology and additional mast sensors that automatically reduce travel speeds to safer levels depending on the load and position of the forks.  All B600 trucks have a wide range of masts and a maximum lifting height of 6500mm.

Fleet Number: B600 Series

Load Capacity: 2000kg


Lift Height: 3260mm

Turning Radius: 1922mm

Battery Voltage: 80V / 375-465 Ah

CESAB has been leading the way in forklift design and innovation for more than 50 years, with its commitment to quality equalled by respect for the environment and the communities in which it operates.

CESAB forklifts are designed and manufactured in Europe using the ISO 14001 certified TPS* widely regarded as one of the world’s best manufacturing systems. This ensures the highest quality standards, increased flexibility, shorter delivery lead times and reduced environmental impact through the use of waste free production techniques.


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